Naturally, as is the same for so many, our classes and services have been impacted by COVID-19.  However, we are currently running a number of FREE online classes throughout the week.
Please see below for the class timetable and more information.
Online class timetable
About the classes
How do I join in?
Total Body Workout
This class combines low and high intensity exercises giving you an overall burn!  All of these exercises can be done by just using your body weight, but there will be an option to incorporate weights if you want to.
High Intensity Circuits
One that is sure to raise the heart rate!  High intensity workouts are great for burning a LOT of calories in quite short amount of time.  The exercises are hard, but don't be put off - you'll be provided with different variations, putting you in control of what is suitable for you and your ability.  As with the Total Body Workout, there will sometimes be opportunities to incorporate weights if you want to - but this is completely optional.
Total Toning
This one may be low impact, but high reps of body weight exercises sure do make you feel the burn!  It's an all over body blast to music - think old-school aerobics class crossed with legs, bums and tums!
Pretty sure you can guess what this class is all about!  Our core muscles are so key - they help with our posture and so many other physical activities.  This session will be focused predominantly on strengthening this muscle group - but, don't be fooled, that doesn't simply mean lots of sit ups!
GoRecover - Stretching
Hands up if you're rubbish at stretching...we see you, and you are not alone!  Warm ups, cool downs, dynamic stretches, static stretches, hundreds of different muscles in the body... it can be a bit overwhelming! Exercising, working from home, general stresses of life can all take their toll on our bodies. This class focuses primarily on giving our muscles a bit of TLC with a head to toe stretch out. Love yourself! P.s. Not a yoga class.
How do I join in?
These classes are currently FREE to join.  However, since the beginning of lockdown and up until 14th June, we are accepting voluntary donations as part of our #sweatandsupport campaign.  100% of donations have been used to purchase vouchers with local businesses impacted by the current pandemic.  All those who donate are automatically entered in to a prize draw offering a chance to win one or more of the vouchers.  Each donation of £5 (the normal cost of a class) will count as one entry in to the draw.
From 15th June, the classes will continue to be free, but will offer a "pay what you feel" option.
All online classes are run on Zoom.  All you need to do is download the Zoom app on to your phone or tablet, or visit their website on your desktop.  When you 'join a meeting', you'll be asked to enter a meeting ID and password.  Use our contact form, or message us on Instagram or Facebook to get the details and get involved!
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