Beth Milford - Personal Trainer
Hi! I'm Beth - a qualified personal trainer, sports massage therapist and general running enthusiast.  I started "GoRun Swindon" running club on a bit of a whim after completing my 'Leadership in Running Fitness' course in 2017.  Since then, I've gone on to train as a Level 3 qualified personal trainer and sports massage therapist after completely falling in love with fitness and wanting to be able to do and offer more!

I don't do pressure, I certainly don't do preaching and I'm not here to force people to become die-hard fitness enthusiasts or marathon runners.  What I am here to do is recognise that everyone has different goals and reasons for wanting to exercise and support people in doing so.  Let's face it; if you're new to fitness, getting back on it, or looking for a bit of a change, the whole experience can be a bit daunting sometimes.  That's why my focus is on creating a safe, inclusive environment that fundamentally is, well, fun!  All of this is made possible by the wonderful people who choose to take part, as well as the support from my Dad who helps to run "GoRun Swindon" - but I won't ruin the surprise; you can read more about him below.

Please don't hesitate to get in contact with me if you have any questions at all.  You can do so on Instagram at @gofitswindon or by using the "Contact Us" link.

John Milford - Running Leader

Hello - I'm John, and you've probably already guessed that there is some sort of relation between myself and Beth!  I've always been keen on running, but after retiring from a 30+ year stint playing rugby, I've started to focus on it a lot more in recent years.

When Beth asked me to be involved with "GoRun Swindon", I was more than happy to. Not only has it been a great opportunity to be a part of what she wants to achieve, it's also offered me a chance to meet and support a great bunch of people, I've been able to share many of the hints and tips I've learnt over the years, whether that be about form, breathing, different types of training - you name it!  Seeing people putting this in to practice and improving is what it's all about.

I completed my 'Leadership in Running Fitness' course last year, and I'm always on hand at run club for advice - so please don't hesitate to ask.