GoRun Swindon Running Club

A running club especially for beginners & improvers.
It's time for us to hit the pavement again - and we can't wait to see you!
Before you come, here are a few things to consider:
  • Our group is specifically for beginners and improvers, and we factor in lots of rest and some periods of walking. So if you're currently someone who can comfortably run distances above 5km, or you're just a bit of a speed demon, we may not be the group for you.  But please pop us a message and let's have a chat about it!
  • At the moment, we're still required to adhere to social distancing measures.  Not only do we need to think about ourselves and others in the group, but also members of the public.  At the beginning of every session, you'll be reminded of the expected conduct of the group (sounds scary...it's not!).  It also means that sessions will be limited to a maximum of 12 people for the time being.  We're sorry; we'd love to keep this unlimited! But we want to make sure we can offer you the best and safest experience.  Please bear with us!
  • Some of our routes in Old Town can be a little hilly, but hills are our friends! There is never, ever an expectation for you to run the whole way - please don't be put off.  We got you!
  • We're a sociable bunch! Whilst, yes, the group is for running - it's also for friendship, chatting, laughing, support, moaning, etc.  And we LOVE a get together.  As soon as we can, our socials will be put back in to the calendar.